Crops care, technology, strict selection and elaboration control are our quality guarantee.

Processing and Storage

Crops storage that you can rely on:

We provide five hundredd m2 to store raw material and the finished product.

We have a comprehensive plan of plagues management for the storage.

We take one hundred per cent  traceability of the goods that comes into the plant, final products as well as subproducts.

Our facilities

We have a processing and classification seed line, cutting-edge technology, to fulfill  a more demanding market high quality, as a consequence, we ensure exportation quality.

Process plant is located in Sinsacate, Córdoba where our commercial and administrative offices are located, too.

We are working in getting HACCP certification and the authorization to export from our plant.

Supply and commercialisation 

We generate legumes, other grains and seeds from our own production and in the base on an associated work with productors.

We commercialize them in internal and external market


We are an enterprise located in Sinsacate, Córdoba that produces, processes and commercializes legume, other grains and seeds.

We have selection plant, with a six hundred tons stockyard capacity.

Nowadays we are in process of certificate HACCP with the objective of complying with our clients´ demanding.

Our productive activities are carried out in Córdoba, Santiago del Estero, Salta, Buenos Aires, Catamarca and Tucumán provinces.



Green Peas


We coordinate and control previous and later harvest activities maintaining registers that ensure complete product traceability, as sanitary conditions in order to ensure innocuous products globally.

We arrive our clients with high quality food intervening in each link of the agro-productive chain, stablishing a permanent improvement for their satisfaction.

Our clients management is our distinctive value as a priority, we adapt to market demanding.



RN 9 Km. 760, X5221,
Sinsacate, Córdoba, Argentina.


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